the simple fence post repair system

Product Features

Quickly and easily repair broken fence posts with our innovative fence Post Buddy system. Check out its unique features:


  • The Post Buddy system consists of 2 steel stakes (grade S275) with a cross sectional area to support more than 3 tons
  • Stake measurements: 30 x 1 x 0.2 inches (length x width x breadth)
  • Stake weight: 2 lbs
  • Designed to be driven deep (up to 20 inches) into the underground wood of the broken post. Post Buddy anchors itself firmly into the wood and the existing concrete base
  • Rigid enough to support the post, yet flexible enough to allow good access to the driving end
  • Stamped with “THIS SIDE FACE OUT” and “MAX” to simplify installation
  • 8 preformed holes allow the Post Buddy stakes to be securely screwed to the fence post, providing a solid and lasting fix
  • Powder-coated in brown to blend with most garden environments

The quick, easy, affordable way
to repair your lumber fence post

Loosely attach the 1st screw to the fence post through the center of the specially designed elongated hole at the top of each Post Buddy stake. This slotted hole allows enough movement for the screw to slide up and down, letting you align and hold the post straight, before finally fully securing your Post Buddy through its remaining 7 screw holes.


The new improved sawtooth ribbing increases the grip so your Post Buddy stake anchors between the wood and concrete base even more firmly, making it less likely to be pulled from the ground. The ribbing now runs continuously along the bottom 10 inches.


The chisel tip is designed to make it easier to drive your Post Buddy into the ground up to its maximum depth of 20 inches. It will guide the fence post repair stake into the ground between the post and the concrete base.