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Frequently asked Questions

The Post Buddy fence post repair system is specially designed to work on fence posts which are set in concrete. The existing concrete base acts as a solid anchor for the Post Buddy to grip to. We do not recommend the use of our system on posts which are not set in concrete, as we cannot guarantee the post will be properly fixed.

Our fence post repair stakes are designed to be driven into the ground between the existing concrete base and the post. Provided the installation instructions are followed correctly and the Post Buddy stake is driven in angled towards the fence post, it will go into the wood of the fence post, not the concrete. The concrete base stays fully intact and actually acts as a solid anchor for the Post Buddy system. To better illustrate this please view our instruction video.

Over time the wood of a fence post weakens, especially at ground level, where the almost constant contact with damp soil causes it to rot. During high winds the post will then snap. Protected by the concrete base, the below-ground wood of the post will stay intact and solid for many years.

On rare occasions, when a fence post has been left broken and leaning for too long, the rot can start to spread below ground. This can eventually soften the underground wood and make it ‘mushy’.

In this unusual situation a Post Buddy repair is unlikely to work.

If you are concerned this may have happened to your posts, you can easily test them using a long screwdriver. Simply insert the point of the screwdriver into the post at ground level and push downward. If you meet some resistance with the long screwdriver, the wood should still be solid enough for Post Buddy to repair the post.

The 2 Post Buddy fence post repair stakes can be installed either to the front and back of the fence post or to the front and side. Both will work equally well. Where you position your repair stakes depends on the type of fence you have. To view the diagrams showing the different options and full installation instructions, please click here.

The Post Buddy stake should not be driven into the ground further than the MAX (maximum) line. Driving it in beyond this marker would not leave enough of the Post Buddy above ground to secure to the fence post.

The Post Buddy repair stakes need to be driven in to as near the MAX line as possible. However, when you get to the point where it will go no further, that means the stake has found enough anchor to re-fix the fence post.

Our Post Buddy fence post repair system is not available in stores. You can quickly and simply purchase Post Buddy through this website, however.

The number of Post Buddys required to fix a fence post is not related to the size of the post or fence. You will need 2 Post Buddy stakes to fix 1 fence post no matter what the size of the post or fence. Please take a look at our How It Works page, where you will find detailed instructions.

No, Post Buddy will not work on a post, which has been installed using any type of fence post repair spike or ground anchor spike.

Yes, Post Buddy repair stakes will work on a post which has totally snapped.

Yes, our system can fix a round post, as long as your post is set in concrete. It’s the concrete base which is important, as it provides a firm, below-ground anchor for our system. You will need to position the Post Buddy posts directly opposite each other to secure a round post.

We do not supply screws with our Post Buddy system. You can easily purchase suitable screws at any good hardware store. You will need 16 x good quality #10 x 2″ external grade wood screws per pack of 2 Post Buddy stakes (8 screws to secure each stake to the post).

You will need good quality #10 x 2 inch wood screws for outdoor use. If you already have external grade #10 screws to hand, but they are a little longer, those will work fine too. Each repair strap has 8 preformed screw holes. You will, therefore, need to purchase 16 screws for each pack of 2 Post Buddys to give the optimum fix.

We cannot unfortunately recommend our system for broken gateposts. The stresses exerted on a gatepost are much greater than those on a fence post. Given these extra stresses, we cannot guarantee that Post Buddy will effectively repair a broken gatepost.

Each Post Buddy metal bar measures approx. 30″ long, 1″ wide and 1/4″ thick and weighs approx. 1lb 10oz.

Post Buddy stakes come in only one size. It’s a case of one size fits all.
Each Post Buddy bar measures approx. 30″ long, 1″ wide and 1/4″ thick. This size stake has been tested and proven to work on any size fence post, provided you can set it in a solid concrete base.

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