the simple fence post repair system


Wayne and Gaby Phelan founded Fence-Aid, the company behind Post Buddy, in 2010. Although Post Buddy is now a successful family business, it all started with a simple problem in the Phelan family’s backyard in Sheffield, England.

Wayne noticed that his wood fence posts desperately needed some love. They had first rotted at ground level and then snapped during a storm. After one post broke, the rest of the fence had started leaning, leaving the whole structure in danger of total collapse.

Tired of digging out and replacing broken fence posts by hand, Wayne put his experience as a construction manager to work and designed the original prototypes for what is now Post Buddy DIY fence repair system.

Though it started as a simple home DIY project, Post Buddy really took off when Wayne and Gaby committed themselves to the family business.


Gaby, a former Executive Assistant, applies her knowledge and experience to growing the business and ensuring that Fence Aid’s customers always receive top-tier customer service.

Following Post Buddy’s success in England, Wayne and Gaby started to sell their Post Buddys in the USA.

Wayne and Gaby have recently signed up with a new U.S. fulfilment partner, Rakuten Super Logistics, a company with a 1st class reputation. Gaby and Wayne chose Rakuten to further improve service to their customers. Post Buddy orders will now ship out of 2 of Rakuten’s fully functioning hubs in California and Chicago. This means better coverage of the USA.

Result: faster shipping!

With their unparalleled level of customer service, Rakuten is the perfect fit for Post Buddy.

Wayne and Gaby love to hear from their customers (or potential customers). You can connect with them in the following ways…

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